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Many hands make light work. Your time, talents, and connections can change a child's life. They can be the difference between them giving-up or succeeding. We ask that you consider what time you can give to further bring artistic opportunities to the youth in our community and make sure no child goes unseen or heard.

LEAD heartworks (workshops)

Do you have a heart for children and a gift to share? Submit your information and ideas below to be contacted about leading a workshop. Time and supplies are paid.

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Volunteer at events

As we spread the word about how we partner with youth, we may have booths that needs tending or fliers the need spreading! OR if you have an event coming up that we can attend, let us know! 

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Participate in planning

Help coordinate an event by participating in a committee. Plan a supply drive at your place of business or event. Through out the year our needs will vary, so please reach-out about how to best support our efforts!

When are ou available?
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When are ou available?

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