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What We Do 

The need is real. Our youth are missing opportunities due to financial hardships, programs being cut or not being available, etc. Many are quitting pursuing artistic professions due to lack of support and connections. Not to mention the mental health crisis our youth are facing at younger and younger ages. 

We aim to remove roadblocks, provide opportunities to experience various artistic forms, and development opportunities through our workshops and financial assistance. By providing workshops, supplies, equipment, connections, financial support, and more we will be able to have happier and more fulfilled youth.

in schools

By partnering with schools and educators, we are able to find the needs directly impacting artistic groups or individuals. Putting supplies, programs and opportunities in the hands of our youth.

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mentor connections

With our network of workshop facilitators and professional contacts, we hope to bridge our participants with the connections they need to be successful in their desired field beyond our programs.

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Our professionally led workshops will provide development opportunities to youth striving to learn more about a field or pursue it as a career. With fall and spring sessions, this will allow for students to participate around their schedule.

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Youth access & development

We strive to remove entry roadblocks such as financial, material resources, industry connections, and development opportunities for youth K-12 regardless of economic or social status.

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Artistic support

In our process, we will be able to provide exposure and support to currently working artists and those striving to get more exposure or established in their field.

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Coordinating a public exhibition, participants will showcase their artwork to the families, friends, and the broader community. It will provide a platform for the participants to present their artistic achievements and boost their self-confidence.


Get Involved

How can you help? 

  • Submit a need via email.

  • Offer to lead a workshop. 

  • Volunteer your time or space.

  • Donate here.

  • Share our mission.

What Our Community Says

Image by Steve Johnson

Gresham-Barlow Community Member

"Our schools have been missing art programs for so long. There is such a need for more opportunities for our kids to be involved in the arts."
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